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    Throughout my creative experience, which has been all of my life, I have constantly been asked; "what inspires you?" I am rarely prepared to answer the question because there isn't one day that passes where I'm not inspired by several things. As with most events in life, some inspirations stand out as rare, unique or completely out of the box!   In this area, you will find photographed examples of some of the most inspirational times in my life. These inspirations always have resulted in a brand new creation of art!  

    Some of the most powerful yet simple forms of inspiration occurs yearly. Every year I gaze into my garden awaiting perennial plants which have lied resting below the chilly soil. Each spring a fresh robust collection of vegetation arise from seemingly nowhere! The colorful blooms burst from their buds and yell for me to paint them, photograph them or simply sit and enjoy their serene beauty. As I sit and "take in" the beauty of a flower; I smell it's fragrance, I touch it's delicate petals, I gaze at individual parts of it's anatomy, and I ponder what It had to experience in order to perform so beautifully. I consider plants life cycle, purpose and it's demise.

     My Grandmother frequently reminded us of our Native American heritage and conversations about nature and our connection to it always followed.  "You will reap what you sew, child."  Her words, embedded in wisdom, spoke both literally and figuratively to me. I believe that my time observing things in life will ultimately allow me to recreate what I've seen through art.

    My connection with plants began at a young age. I was two years old when I acquired my first watering can. Day after day I'd follow my grandparents to the yard to mimic their efforts of nurturing their garden. Possibly it was then I developed a everlasting relationship with nature that evolved into my own attempts to create beauty.  Indeed every creation I make is a story of my past experiences and present. I only hope that you will enjoy these renditions of my life as much as I have. 

SheriSoCreative Studio, Olathe Kansas

​​ABout the Artist

The Rialto Bridge, Acrylic on Canvas, The Unitarian Gallery

inspiration               My Journey 

What can I Make for you?


You may have seen my art around town and may not have known it was me! I started painting hand painted signs for companies like the 'Car Land Auto' billboard over twenty years ago. As an experienced artist, I am confident that I can provide professional, creative results for any project you may have in mind. 


Intaglio Series, Handmade Copper Etching on paper

Illustration and Freelance ARTIST

The painting of; Tulips In A Perfect World, Acrylic on Canvas



  •  The Poor Boy Gallery Exhibition, Kansas City

  • Kansas Cities Artist's Coalition Open Studios  


  •   Benefit Art Auctions and New Works Gallery

  • YMCA's "Summer Cool Down", Belton Missouri

  • Alpha Pointe "Art For The Heart" program, Kansas City

  • The Sprint Art Collection (permanent collection) Overland Park, Kansas 

  •  Sprint Winter Garden Wine tasting and

            Art Exhibit, Kansas

  • The Clara Brierly Festival of the Arts, Peculiar

  • The West End Gallery, Independence 

  • The Unitarian Gallery, Missouri

  • The Neon Gallery (Currently Exhibiting), the Jazz district, Kansas City 

  •  Kansas City Chalk and Walk Festival, Crown Center Square, Missouri

  • Olathe Kansas City Hall, Mayors Christmas tree painting, (permanent display)

  • Raytown Invitational Art Shows, Missouri

  • The Pitch Weekly Magazine, Kansas City

  • The Holly Festival, Lees Summit, Missouri

Sheri So 


One of the best parts of being from Kansas City, Missouri is being born into the amazing art culture! "My interest in art began well before I could walk", my grandmother frequently reminded me. When I was first introduced to crayons, a bond with art was formed that has remained sacred to me ever sense.

     Each new medium I encounter, opens up a new world of creative potential. I discovered arts ability to conjure up conversations between individuals whom I may have been too shy to approach on my own. It was in high school at St. Theresa's Academy, where I began to use art as a way of expressing myself when words just weren't suitable. Being entered into every art contest and frequently earning blue ribbons and other awards, I decided to dedicate my life to art. Art is an old friend that has continued to show it's dedication and loyalty to me throughout my life. In return, I've nurtured it by researching and learning various mediums, experimenting new techniques and developing my own brand.

     After completing my Associates Degree at Penn Valley and Bachelors of Fine Arts (with a emphasis in graphic design) at University of Missouri, Kansas City, I began entering into art exhibits around the city and bordering states. Soon after graduating, I also began holding independent art workshops. One of the most memorable Art Workshops was held at Alpha Pointe Art for the Heart program for the blind. I directed a 3D art class in which I encouraged tactile, small objects be incorporated into the students works using acrylic gel mediums. While observing the pure joy on the students faces (some were having their first art experiences being visually impaired) It became evident that I wouldn't be able to adhere to only one medium for my art development. Soon after the workshop ended, I began my series of three dimensional abstractions and mosaics. My portfolio consists of groups of colorful series consisting of paintings, mosaics, intaglio, and enamel. 

    I've now been passionately creating art for family and the public for over thirty five years!