​Family Tree Mixed Medium on Wood, Prints Available

Fun & Light reactive

Dragon and Phoenix ​5'x1½"Mosaic on Wood

Moonshine Enamel on glass, Prints Available 

Bamboo ​Block Prints with watercolor, Limited, unique piece, comes as a set*

Sun Cross Mosaic on Wood, Sold, Prints Available 


Little Chompa Oil Pastel on paper 1'6" x 2' Prints Available 

God Loves You Prints Available


The Peaceful Flee Mosaic on Wood,  Sold. Prints Available 

Tulips Watercolor on Bristol, Original unavailable (prints by special order only)

Debbie, Candy Shop 2 ​Acrylic on Wood 16"x16" Prints Available

Elegant Lady Acrylic on Canvas 1'8"x10" Sold

The Sorors Acrylic on Canvas, 2'x1 ½" Sold


Spring Fling  Acrylic and Mixed Medium on Wood, Sold

Dabbie, Candy Shop 1 Marker on Wood, Unavailable 14"x26"

Evening Lotus ​Mixed Medium on wood

Listen Roses Gouache on Watercolor Paper, Prints Available

High Kick16"x16"Acrylic on WoodPrints Available

Mixed Medium

Tulips in a Perfect World Acrylic on Canvas, 4'x2' ½" Sold, Prints Available

Untitled- Acrylic on Canvas 4"x4"

Plant Study Marker on Paper

"Pawoogie"Mixed Medium on board, Unavailable

Fall 9"x12" Chinese Watercolor on Paper, Prints Available

Buddies1'10"x2'3 ½" Mixed Medium on Canvas 

​Blessing Prints Available

​Dragonflies Lotus Mosaic on Wood, Sold

Debbie, Monster Under My Bed 2 ½' x 4' Acrylic on Canvas, Prints Available

​Dabbie Doesn't Worry ​Acrylic on Wood 7"x7"

​Prints Available

Pond in Spring ​4'1x1'8" Mosaic on Wood

Dabbie, I See You Skateboard (trucks detached) 

Print-Detail of Monster "peeking" Available

Acrylic abstract Paintings

Seldom Warm9"x12" Chinese Watercolor on Paper (Prints coming soon)



Bad Street Food ​Acrylic on Canvas


Grandmothers Tea ​Enamel on Canvas, Prints Available 

Dabbie, All Smiles 2 ½ 'x4' Acrylic on Canvas, Prints available

Toucan Acrylic on Canvas

Cross Prints Available, indicate color choice*

Have you seen them? These are hand drawn and painted rocks that I frequently leave in flower beds of hotels when I visit different cities. I've also created these as gifts for children to give parents and as thank you notes.  If you have found a rock, congratulations, it's yours to keep! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Just A Taste! 9"x12" Chinese Watercolor on Paper,

 Prints Available 


Naranja 8"x12" Marker on Wood, Sold

Days and Confused 2'6"x2' Mixed Medium on Canvas

Dabbie in Shock Acrylic on Canvas 5"x5" Prints Available

Blooming Radiance Oil Pastel on paper 1'6" x 2' Prints Available

(Original unavailable for purchase)

Intaglio -the fine art of print making

Pink Lotus 9"x12" Chinese Watercolor on Paper.

​"Mean Ol'Giants!" Go Royals!

Marker on bristol board, 9"x12" Prints Available 

Tall Tree 20"x32" Acrylic on Bristol, unavailable


Shasta Pink Oil Pastel on paper 1'6" x 2' Prints Available 


Kite Day Gouache on Watercolor Paper, Prints Available

LOVE Prints Available

Kansas City Starry Sky Mixed Medium on wood, Prints Available

Happy Place (set of 3 nesting dolls) Largest stands 6 inches tall.  Acrylic on Wood

Amoeba16"x20" Acrylic on Canvas, Prints Available

Happiness ​Prints Available, indicate color choice*

Sunny Days 1&2 (set) Mixed Medium on Canvas 

Slice of Belize 10"x8" Acrylic on Wood,(original unavailable)  Prints Available 

Kansas City Jewel Mosaic on Wood, Prints Available 


Orange Arrival​16"x20" Mixed Medium on Canvas

Rush the Season Mosaic on Wood, Sold, Prints Available



Orange Pansy Oil Pastel on paper 1'6" x 2' Prints Available

rock art

Poppy Field Mosaic on Glass, Prints Available

Sunny Pond ​Enamel on glass, Prints Available

Hummingbirds Feast Mosaic on Wood, Sold,

 Prints Available 

Friends ​9"x12" Chinese Watercolor on Paper, Sold,  Prints Available


Pinwheels Acrylic on Canvas, Prints Available

Happy Hour Acrylic on Canvas

Temporary Beauty ​​Acrylic on Canvas 2'x3' Prints Available

​Oh, Pretty Flower Mosaic on Wood

Lilies ​Prints Available 


Watercolor and Acrylic


Illustration and Freelance ARTIST

Rainbow Factory ​2'2"x1'1" Acrylic on Canvas